Thursday, 10 December 2009

"In Creeps the Morning and Another Day is Lost."

We humans as a species spend most of our time wishing our lives away. Mourning the events of the week behind and losing days in bed in the present, looking forward to the next birthday, christmas, holiday or big event - “when this happens it’ll be better…” Or worse we get drunk to have a good night, to not feel, to forget and to not care, which makes tomorrow yet another day to ignore when your stomach burns and you have sick in your hair.

We are always looking far into the future or glamorizing what lays in the past. We have a tendency to not recognise the present, to always be wanting, and even in the future when we realize we were content in a moment behind us, you can bet we didn’t register it at the time.

The saddest thing is we will get to a certain age and realise we had everything we ever wanted even when we had sick in our hair, they will be our “glory days” and we will be resentful of being aged, having health problems, mortgages, we will flirt with our co workers and develop a distaste to how normal our lives have become. The rigmarole of the 9-5.

We’ll soon get even older, too old, our whole lives will feel like a dream and we’ll love every moment of our existence as it slowly ebbs over us in flashbacks, that our regrets made us, that we loved, that we lost, that we lived. But as soon as we understand it the days remaining will be too close to being over.