Thursday, 5 November 2009

Would You Like Milk With That?

Is it wrong that 2 supposed adults in their twenties can spend 4 hours drinking 2 cups of tea whilst primarily only being focused on small cups of milk rather than the beverage to hand?

Maybe not... but when that fascination becomes the second stolen article in this weeks crime spree (the first being a miraculous pair of scissors finding their way into my handbag), now that is wrong. We haven't felt this risky since I stole a pack of chewing gum from the co-op (at the age of 13) because I was 21p short of the sum of my desired sweets and when Laura swiped fake/play money at primary school failing at her role of responsible shopkeeper.

2 pints of fizzy pop + 4 cups of tea + 2 stolen milk pots. This is called living life on the wild side folks.

I can only hope the higher beings at wetherspoons aren't too put out.

Stolen Article:


Note to self: I really need to earn some money.