Friday, 6 November 2009

I had a dream

That I was naked and I kept pulling my loose teeth out. Not only that but my parents were also running around naked and I was completely disgusted despite being nude with a mouth full of blood myself. Not quite as inspirational as Martin Luther king had it…

So before I concerned myself that I might be subconsciously a part of a masochistic, circus freak, incestuous, nudist colony, I perused an online dream dictionary or two.


  • Dreaming of being naked yourself means the person is worried about feeling vunerable/exposed to others or that they dream of freedom and nothing else.
  • Dreaming of seeing someone else naked and being repulsed means that the dreamer is concerned about discovering the reality of some person or situation.
  • Dreaming about losing teeth suggests that the person feels powerless or out of control in a real-life situation. If the teeth are loose it is a warning of untrustworthy friends and if the dreamer pulls them out it suggests they have lost, or are anxious about losing someone who has been important to them.
  • Dreaming of blood loss denotes a feeling of powerlessness. The dreamer may be exhausted or feeling emotionally drained.

All in all I think I prefer the nudist colony idea…