Monday, 16 November 2009

Communication Breakdown

I returned home from London with 427 unread emails, 207 unread facebook messages and a dead phone with 12 texts (not including missed calls) I can only read by pressing a button I can no longer click on.

I don’t think I could feel more technophobic/out of touch.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing though, at least I can avoid the texts I have saved that I care no longer to read and the ones that I still get that I don’t desire to pay attention to. At least now I have the chance to really think about what I want to say before I am able to get hold of someone.

It’s crazy how much emphasis is on one piece of equipment for any communication with the outside world. You would be surprised how strange it is to go meet for coffee without the option of being able to check up on the other person.

The modern world has become too impatient and too thoughtless. Our lives are constantly a toss up over whether we have too much time or not enough, too much contact or not enough contact. I think with social networking and mobile phones we are collectively treading the borders of whether we can suffice without checking up on everyone else’s plans… at what point do we make decisions of our own? It’s nice to be able to breathe without feeling obligated to reply back or get in touch… even if I could be missing out on something.

I wonder what Jane Austen did with herself in the 17th century when it was all letters and wax stamps?