Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Monday last week, in a moment of extreme boredom/brain damage I bought 32 disks/90 hours/6 seasons worth of angsty pre-teen nostalgia known as ‘Dawson’s Creek’ and I have been been watching it obsessively compulsively for an entire week.

20 hours in and I’m starting to think when there are no more episodes I’m either going to:

A) Fall apart.

B) Spontaneously combust.

C) Go into therapy.

At the very least I think my Imac will explode out of confusion when I finally manage to shutdown and at this rate I’m going to be done and dusted by wednesday.

The only thing to do is distract myself with something else impeccably 90’s - ‘Six Feet Under’ maybe? But for now I can remained fathomed by the sheer amount of video tapes watched, gigantic mobile phones and old style blueberry macs used and mules worn.

P.s. Michelle Williams, I love you.