Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A list of things currently wrong with me:

1. I have dyed my hair ginger.
2. I feel like I have swallowed two golf balls.
3. I can't make a run for it out of the country until July.
4. I'm broke.
5. I'm still jealous/bitter.
6. I am running out of clean knickers.
7. My scanner is just not big enough.
8. I have to walk around town like a guilty 14 year old because I lost all forms of ID.
9. I have misplaced my Ipod and I am having DoodleJump withdrawal symptoms.
10. I spend 80% of my days whining about whining.

On the flip side:
1. I love my mum.
2. I have cold leftover chow mein in the fridge.
3. I have found a last.fm app for my Ipod Touch.
4. Kiah gave me the gift of paracetamol.
5. Winter is over. The sun has got his hat on.
6. I have a newly rearranged and tidy room.
7. I have quit all of my addictions.
8. I have 4 unread novels to look forward to.
9. 'All About Eve' is on Film4 this afternoon.
10. Sony have dropped Jedward.