Monday, 18 January 2010

This is Your Wake Up Call

Is the word ‘alarm’ actually spelt like that? Is it even a word? It just doesn’t look right to me after 3 sleepless nights… I have noticed that all these words pop up on my Ipod when my ‘alarm’ goes off (not sure if it’s purely because I am always only partly conscious when this happens) and I’m pretty sure none of them are part of the english language… for some reason “alarm”, “snooze” and “slide” are just confounding to me when strung together.

Last minute artistic rush ins are really becoming a joke now. I hate looking like a dumbo cause I have unfinished shit and decided to write about my project at 4am the night before… IF I even manage to get that done. Third lazy spell round and I’m pretty sure this time I have humiliated myself into never doing this again.

Behold my caffeine shaking, blood shot eyed, sleep deprived, stress induced epiphany. No more.

So I will hand in my meagre excuse for a portfolio, cross my fingers, vow to never go out again, eat my leftover pizza and then “snooze”… Schnooz, snoooose? Sleep.